Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Smell of Rain and Car Exhaust

 Family Weekly Newsletter

Important Holidays: The week started off with Deanna's birthday, which is shared with National Ice Cream and Tapioca Pudding Day. The 20th of July marks international Moon Day, and tomorrow represents the Ugly Truck Day!

Weather: In the unpredictable weather, the week started off with cloudy, high humidity, and hot weather to get a nice stream of sweat to stroll down the backs of every civilian. Later on it changed to rain with a bit cooler temperature to allow the dead grass to live again.

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day: Weekend Warrior

               Somebody that parties and drinks during the weekends.

               Nate: Mum, can we go get school supplies on Saturday?

               B: Not a chance, I'm going to be a weekend warrior at the HH.

Song of the Week: Africa, Toto

Notable Accomplishments: This weeks author was not privy to anything worth mentioning in this edition of the newsletter, sincere apologies to all who were looking forward to this section.

Hypothetical Situation of the Week: You have the brains, money, and connections to make one new invention for the world to cherish. What is the invention and how much would you sell it for?

Internationally Known Sport of the Week: Man Vs. Horse
For those that do not know, this sport that takes place in the Welsh town Llanwrtyd Wells, a man must prove his speed and agility by racing a horse through a cross country race.

Strange News: The largest known black hole is withing the M87 galaxy, and is 6.6 billion times the size of our sun. Fortunately that galaxy is 50 million light years away, and to put that in a bit better perspective, Neptune is 2,795,084,800 miles from the sun (on average, thanks to the elliptical revolving pattern) and it only takes 4 hours for light to go from the sun to Neptune.

PFWN Member of the Week: Tom's first car he owned was a 1971 Roadrunner, his favorite book was the Alphabet Murderer, his favorite job is at the one he is currently employed at, and if he could be a movie star in any movie he would pick a James Bond movie because of all the mystery that man holds.

Thanks (clap clap clap clap clap)

Classifieds: Nada

Look for more next week for a new and riveting edition of the newsletter.

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